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An Adelaide based architect creating beautiful residential architectural solutions and sustainable house design.

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Architect Designed Homes

Residential architect in Adelaide specialising in creating inspiring homes for homeowners looking for quality, well-built designs that they will love to be in and share with family for many years to come.

  • Residential architect
  • Architect new house designs
  • Architect designed townhouses and unit development
  • Architect renovations
  • Sustainable house design
  • House extensions

A Residential Architectural Design Focus

Designing and creating beautiful well crafted homes and additions around Adelaide South Australia is the passion that drives Yvonne Svensson Architect.

Residential Architect in Adelaide

Yvonne is a registered Architect based in Adelaide specialising in residential design ranging from new home designs, unit development, additions, renovations through to planning and project management.

Custom designed homes

Yvonne is committed in providing unique designs of architecture tailor made to clients particular needs and providing homes and spaces which enhance clients enjoyment and quality of life.   All designs take into consideration the immediate and neighbouring landscapes, energy efficiency and environment objectives.

Design and construction

The firm employs latest CAD programs, 3D modelling and collaborates with local building specialists to ensure the design and construction flows seamlessly.

Blackwood Tri Level House

Why choose Architect Yvonne Svensson

Extensive project management experience

Hands-on experience with construction, proven ability to manage builders, trades and budgets ranging from single renovations, new homes through the townhouses.

Expertise and diverse residential portfolio

Extensive residential architect experience across new homes, holiday homes, renovations, townhouses, contemporary additions, and traditional family homes. Including specialist work with Heritage listed homes. See gallery for the versatile and diverse design range.

Bringing innovative solutions and value for money

Commitment to providing innovative design solutions to overcome design challenges to deliver unique and functional spaces. Every project has multiple design solutions, and these are explored to ensure the best result fitting with your desire and budget.

A personalised and customer centric approach

Personalised design approach for client’s needs, preference, and vision and making sure ongoing communication where collaboration is paramount.

A transparent customer process

Providing customers with transparent design and construction process including fees, timelines, and budget and making sure clients are well-informed at every stage.

Registered architect, formal academic qualifications, and training

Bringing a solid foundation of academic excellence and practical building experience to each project with a Bachelor of Architecture, Registered Architect 2739, and Grad Diploma in Project Management.

“Yvonne fuses timeless elegance and an aesthetic inspired by the Australian way of life to bring authenticity to project “

Yvonne has extensive experience in providing cost efficient well designed residentail homes and unit development.

Yvonne also holds a degree in Project Management and has managed single allotment projects through to larger unit developments including townhouses & residential flat buildings.

Residential Architecture House Design Portfolio

Explore Yvonne’s residential architecture house design portfolio, showcasing an aesthetic blend of innovative concepts, contemporary design and timeless style that transform houses into your dream home.

Starting your Design and Build Journey

Beginning your Design and Build journey can be overwhelming, however does not need to be!

At Yvonne Svensson Architect it all starts with a conversation at your place or our office.

At our initial meeting we’ll discuss your wants, needs, desires, budget, time frames.

We will also go through the House Design Process ( see below) , discuss Council Planning and Building requirements and talk about the other consultants required that we partner with such as the Engineer, Energy Rater, Timber framing.

All Architectural and consultant fees are quoted up front which include an allowance for alterations/changes. Additional charges due to requests above what is quoted for are clearly detailed in the quote so that there are NO surprises.

A large part of the design process is the interior of your new home and we collaborate with you to create an interior that reflects the style you are after within your budget. We have professional interior designers so you can be sure that your house design works beautifully together with interior style.

You can be as involved in your project as you want to be. You can let Yvonne Svensson Architect run the entire project for you as a Turn Key Solution or be involved at every design & build stage and /or we can partner your preferred builder /contractor at construction stage or earlier.

Architecture Design Process:

Stages in house design and building process

Feasability Studies

1 Obtaining valuations, estimated outgoings, calculating holding costs and estimated returns.
Including quality advice to assist you to purchase the right land. Organising site visits, provide building envelope scenarios and site appraisals, and discuss council zoning and planning considerations.

Concept Design & Schematic Design

2 Schematic Design / Concept design
Concept design is taking into consideration your budget, aspirations, desires and needs. Turning these requirements into a sketch design that we can develop, evaluate and evolve into the home you have dreamt of using up to date software, architectural experience and knowledge.

Planning Approval Of Detailed Design

3 Drawings that include elevations, floor plans, site plan and site works plan are developed to suitable detail for council approval. At this stage ideas are explored in more detail and resolved.

Interior Selections

3aOnce Planning Drawings are completed we go through in detail the interior finishes of your home. This is sometimes called Finishes Schedule or Building Schedule. A Moodboard is created/finalised, cabinetry, tiles, flooring, doors etc and colour selections are all discussed and tabled in a Schedule to allow for an all inclusive Tendering process.

Building Drawings & Documentation

4 Working drawings are produced for approval by a certifier along with engineering, framing and energy efficiency reports. Finer details of construction, selections and finishes are refined and finalised. All documentation is required to meet the NCC code. For details See NCC website.

Tendering Process

5 Finalising building schedule, specification, collating all documentation, inviting builders to tender and preparing acceptable contract package

Contract Administration

6 Contract Administration by the architect is acting as the client’s representative to ensure builder complies with conformity to the building contract documents as well as the quality of the outcome with minimal variations. Contractual obligations include periodic site visits, responding to Requests for Information, issuing Architects Instructions, assessing progress claims and issuing progress certificates, contract price adjustments and assessing claims for adjustments of time.

Architecture Design Ideas For All Your Residential Build & Renovation Needs

Discover a range of house design possibilities and ideas within Yvonne’s design portfolio. From the expansive views of holiday homes to the urban chic of architect-designed townhouses, each project showcases innovative solutions, offering a glimpse into the wide options available for helping you to craft a home that reflects desires and aspirations.

Architect designed holiday homes – spacious and open plan

Discover how holiday homes can be designed with spacious open plans seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living.  Many times, it’s about taking advantage of breathtaking views, and providing an immersive experience that complements the natural surroundings. View the architect-designed home.

Architect designed home additions – elevating properties through thoughtful upgrades

Experience what a transformative touch it can be for your home design when bringing in an architect for your home addition. Whether it’s addressing the need for upgrades or expanding living spaces, my design solutions will enhance your existing property, elevating its functionality and aesthetic appeal. View the architect-designed home.

Architecture designed rear additions and renovations – traditional exterior and contemporary interior

Finding solutions to bring in traditional exterior elements with contemporary interiors in rear additions and renovation projects. Architecture design solutions will breathe new life into homes, creating a harmonious balance between timeless charm and modern functionality. View the architect-designed home.

Architect designed townhouses – urban living redefined

Discover the expertise in crafting architect-designed townhouses that redefine urban living. My design thinking maximising space utilisation, ensuring a seamless blend of elegance and practicality in every detail. View the architect-designed home.

Architect designed bungalow additions – enriching single-storey living

Explore innovative options for additions to bungalows, where thoughtful design seamlessly integrates new elements with the existing structure. Witness how our approach enhances the charm of single-storey living spaces. View the architect-designed home.

Architect designed home additions – cutting-edge design solutions

Experience the avant-garde with our contemporary home additions. Our architect brings cutting-edge design solutions that push boundaries, resulting in homes that stand out for their modern aesthetics and functionality. View the architect-designed home.

Architect design in modern homes – bespoke design for singular spaces

Architect-designed spaces within modern homes offer an opportunity to showcase beautiful design tailored for singular spaces. These bespoke designs reflect a focus on function, aesthetics, and the seamless integration of architectural elements. Making sure each room becomes a wow factor, harmonising aesthetics with functionality to create an environment that exudes sophistication. View the architect-designed home.

Architect designed split level homes for sloping land

Explore the progressive design of split-level homes that follow the natural fall of the land, reducing retaining walls cost. Each level will be carefully crafted to serve a distinct purpose, offering a dynamic and engaging living experience across all levels for sustainable living. View the architect-designed home.

Architect designed traditional family homes – timeless elegance and comfort

With beautiful traditional homes, there is many times immense opportunities to restore the design legacy and utilise spaces to bring a sense of warmth tradition and appeal. By bringing in an architect from start of the project, it is possible to put together a plan and design for how to best combine timeless elegance with contemporary comfort. View the architect-designed home.

Architect designed multi-level townhouses – transforming urban residences

This townhouse sits on a unique steep allotment in the heart of the city. The original heritage listed home is a single storey facing a street. The backyard is very steep and required multi-levels to achieve a luxurious and contemporary home with breathtaking city views. View the architect-designed home.