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Registered Architect In Adelaide

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Yvonne is a registered Architect with 20 years experience who excels at floor planning to make your home flow. She is skilled at designing new builds, additions, renovated heritage properties and for all manner of sites, and always ensures the design integrates well into the various landscapes.

Environmental sustainability and practical construction is a large component of her design direction. She has masterful knowledge of construction.

She lives in a renovated 1920’s Californian bungalow and has two wonderful boys with her husband.

Yvonne is the Head Architect responsible for design and communication between all the various consultants, correspondence to Council and trades in the delivery of projects

“I look forward to creating a beautiful home for you.”

– Yvonne Svensson

Benefits of Choosing Architect Yvonne Svensson in Adelaide

  • An Architectural practice that specialises in Residential Design.
  • Extensive experience in bespoke custom homes, Energy Efficient and Green Homes, Heritage Homes, Townhouses, Unit Development and Construction management.
  • Extensive knowledge of Local Council and State Planning requirements around Adelaide and South Australia.
  • All house designs are custom to your needs and wants and desires.
  • A registered Architect is fully qualified in all areas of design and construction along with continued professional learning including professional indemnity insurance. So you can be sure of a high professional standard.
  • An experienced Architect has a good understanding of construction rates. Ultimately the cost will be determined by an estimator, so the more detailed drawings they have to price from, the more accurate the pricing.
  • Take a read of the Reviews of just some of the previous clients

A Testimonial of a Stress-Free Architectural Home Design

Yvonne is really professional and great with her communication. She designed our new house according to our ideas but also gave her advice if the idea is unrealistic. She’s patient with us as we changed our mind so many times, including a total redraw. She is also our project manager, which makes dealing with builder and build our own house while both working full time possilbe and much less stressed. I’ll highly reommend her to my friends and family.


Happy Client Testimonial: Experiencing Architectural Excellence in Adelaide

I would highly recommend Yvonne Svensson Architectural Services without a moments hesitation. Last year I bought a house in South Australia, I live in Victoria. The house is in great condition but I wanted to add some personal touches – new kitchen, swimming pool, BBQ area, new floors, etc. Yvonne’s company came up in several searches and always had excellent reviews.

I spoke to three architects and from my first (virtual) meeting, I felt confident that Yvonne was someone who really listened and heard my ideas and requirements. Over the next weeks and months this proved to be justified. Yvonne was so easy to work with – all done virtually because of Covid – she added excellent ideas and thoughts and was always trying to think how we could make use of what is there, so as to reduce costs.

The end result are some wonderful plans that will make this a perfect home for me and my family – everyone is excited to see the end result! Yvonne has now submitted the plans to council. I have owned several properties over the years, and spent the last 7 years renovating my home in Melbourne so I have had plenty of experience with commissioning services, I know how valuable a good service is and how much pain a poor service can give you! Yvonne Svensson Architectural Services is definitely a service I would put in my “excellent” bucket.

Sam Sam

Right from day one Yvonne was friendly, available, patient and extremely knowledgeable. This is a first time reno for me so I had plenty of questions and changed my mind multiple times. She was very reassuring and accommodating and has provided us with exceptional plans that detail every little thing we asked for. Would absolutely ask Yvonne to help me again if I needed her services and I highly recommend her to others.
Lucy Berchell

Very good service, plans were created quickly and without hassle. Yvonne’s fees were very reasonable and the end result is a very beautiful extension to my house. Would recommend.
Jennifer Niddrie

I have worked with Yvonne on two projects to this date and have been impressed with her creativeness and helpful direction. Yvonne has good imagination with regard to functional and aesthetic ideas while at the same time keeping the project cost effective. I found Yvonne easy to communicate with and if I ever needed any clarification, Yvonne would not hesitate to assist. I will be using Yvonne’s services in the future.

Yvonne provided an excellent service and work diligently to ensure everything was provided on time to ensure a strict deadline was met. Yvonne listened to what we wanted and provided excellent advice on the design of our renovations. Yvonne thoroughly explained each step that was required from concept design through to builders drawings.
We are very happy with Yvonne’s services and would happily recommend her to others looking to renovate their home.

Luke Moran

We express our gratitude to Yvonne for the construction of our new home. Situated close to Jetty Road, Glenelg, Yvonne designed our home with traditional bungalow and modern day features that blends in beautifully with surrounding character homes. We were also pleased that Yvonne project managed the build, ensuring that all our interests were effectively addressed with approving authorities and with various building contractors and service providers. A wonderful outcome with a home that we will surely enjoy for many years to come. Thank you again Yvonne. Simon and Cettina.
Simon O'Neill

Yvonne is one of those rare Architects that is both practical and able to provide stylish designs.

Many architects have no problem in spending their clients’ money by over specifying and over complicating their projects. Yvonne is always conscious of this, and is able to produce quality designs on a range of architectural styles.

As a Project Manager, I have worked with Yvonne now for a few years, and I refer my clients to her whenever the opportunity arises.

I would encourage anyone looking to engage an Architect to avoid the large firms and the exorbitant fees they are known for, and look to engage in independent such as Yvonne.


Yvonne has shown herself to be a highly competent and imaginative architect who works in well with her client. She has designed both residential and commercial projects for me to very good effect. The commercial project is now under construction and will be completed late this year.

I would recommend Yvonne to anyone looking to build something tailor made or any other project that requires more than off the shelf design.

I have attached a floor plan of a residential property that has been completed. The people who live in these homes have all commented on the beauty and functionality of the design.

Con Martin

Architect Yvonne Svensson

About Us

Although having Swedish parents, architect Yvonne Yvonne Svensson was born and raised in Adelaide. With over 20 years’ experience, Yvonne has taken a hands-on approach since graduating in architecture from the University of South Australia. This ability to ‘roll up her sleeves’ is explained by her father being a carpenter and taking his daughter to building sites from a young age – and from initially seeing him construct frames of a house to later using his talents to create doors, windows, architraves and skirting boards – the latter known as First Fix.

The South Australian Housing Trust

Although Yvonne was keen to learn the more theoretical concepts of architecture at university, she was drawn to the fundamentals – to the more practical side, working with specialist consultants. Her understanding of the building process as much as that of the design, led her to working for a number of years with the South Australian Housing Trust (2001-2007). While many graduates veered towards working on high-end housing, for Yvonne there was great satisfaction in designing public housing for those with considerably lesser means. But working with reduced budgets wasn’t seen as producing an inferior product – rather it meant working more efficiently with less. These skills were born out in detached housing on small allotments, together with units, townhouses and also apartments.

Establishing a Practice

With this valuable experience in hand, Yvonne decided to establish her own practice in 2010. As with many new practices, the work at first tended to be modest in scale – at least until word-of-mouth got out. And after completing a renovation and an extension to a 1930s bungalow, it’s been a steady flow of work ever since. Feedback from clients over the years has often included ‘how easy she is to speak with’ and not arriving with ‘preconceived ideas’ about how the project should unfold. Being open to ideas and appreciative of timeframes to deliver a house, be it new or a renovation, is as paramount to its success as the end results. Yvonne has also designed a number of projects in the commercial sector such as small office developments and retail stores.


An initial chat leads to a thorough inspection of a house, or in the case of a new dwelling, the site and surrounds. While Yvonne has some initial ideas, she’s always keen to ‘tease out’ those of the client(s). She’s also known for her ‘one stop’ approach, taking care of the early administrative work such as applying for town planning or building applications.

Things Less Obvious

Existing spaces may appear relatively tight for clients. But, as pointed out by Yvonne, this can sometimes be attributed to simply badly planned spaces or that they have not been designed to allow for a sense of flow or connectivity between rooms. Sometime the solution is to remove walls that aren’t load bearing. Other factors may come down to access and suggesting that just because a driveway has always been on one side of a property doesn’t mean that it should remain there forever – as long as there aren’t street obstacles such as power poles or street furniture.


Although without a fixed method of working, Yvonne tends to construct visual spaces in her mind as much as working with 3D programs – understanding what’s physically possible or a site’s ‘buildability’. Regularly working with timber, one of her favourite materials, she also enjoys its flexible properties, being able to be modified on site – in the case of built-in joinery and the finer details – a talent inherited from her father.


While each client and project is unique, there are certain hallmarks to Yvonne’s work – a minimum of three-metre-high ceilings which create a sense of space rather than simply additional square meterage and, importantly creating that element of surprise with a design that addresses all the client’s requirements, but delivers so much more.