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Residential architect adelaide-based services; from building design to planning, building regulations and project management.

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Architectural Services In Adelaide

Adelaide-based architect Yvonne Svensson specialises in residential architectural services transforming your home and living spaces. From new home design to additions, extensions, and renovations of older homes and heritage properties, to development of units and townhouses we offer a full range of architect services to make sure your ideas become reality.

  • Residential architect
  • Architect house design plans
  • Architect designed townhouses
  • Architectural renovations
  • Sustainable house design
  • House extensions

As an architect, Yvonne will help make the best use of space, light, materials and fixtures to give every project an impressive finish.

Yvonne can also help you through the maze of the planning process and building regulations, obtain competitive quotes from contractors, deal with builders and even run the project to ensure your best laid plans are turned into reality.

Architecture Services:

Every step to towards realising our clients vision are very important to us. We collaboratively work to ensure your utmost satisfaction across the entire project making sure we create a home you will love for decades to come.


Establishing project brief together with client

In the initial stage, we collaboratively define the project brief, a crucial foundation that aligns our design vision with your aspirations. This phase serves as a compass, ensuring every subsequent decision resonates with your unique requirements, budget, preferences, and functional needs.


Feasibility studies

Going beyond design aesthetics, our commitment extends to feasibility studies. We engage in obtaining valuations, estimating outgoings, and calculating holding costs and returns. This comprehensive analysis aids in informed decision-making, guiding you through the financial landscape of your project. Furthermore, we offer assistance in selecting the optimal allotment, ensuring the foundation of your project is strategically laid for success.


Schematic design (sketch design)

Transitioning from vision to visualisation, our architects go into the schematic design phase, translating concepts into sketches. These sketches act as the visual narrative, providing you with a tangible preview of the design direction and inviting your valuable input to shape the evolving masterpiece.


Detailed design (for planning approval to council)

As we progress to the detailed design stage, floors plans are confirmed. Elevations are developed in 3 D visuals applied to help visualise the final design and every aspect of the design is then detailed refined to meet both aesthetic aspirations, council, and compliance standards. This phase finish in plans submitted for planning approval to the council, ensuring regulatory alignment with the envisioned architectural excellence.


Documentation (for building approval to council & tender)

In this critical phase, our focus turns to comprehensive documentation. These detailed documents serve a dual purpose—securing building approval from council and providing clear drawings facilitating the tendering and building process. Through detailed documentation, we lay the groundwork for seamless project execution, bringing clarity for the builder, engineer, timber framer and other relevant consultants.


Contract administration (managing the building & contractors)

Entering the construction, Yvonne Svensson Architect will assume the role of Contract Administrator. With a keen eye on design integrity, quality, budget and timelines , the process is to manage the building process, the building contractor, variations as they arise and coordination with contractors. This hands-on approach ensures that the vision conceived in the design phases materialises flawlessly on-site.


Yvonne Svensson Architect Offers

  • Friendly professional service with clear client communication
  • Free initial in-home consultation
  • Fixed Price per Design Proposal or
  • Hourly Rates
  • Fresh ideas and solutions to your project
  • Can provide a number of design options
  • Estimated project costs
  • All designs are energy efficient and include cost effective construction methods where possible

Yvonne Values

  • Building long lasting relationships with clients
  • Listening to clients needs
  • Providing professional work ethics
  • Fair and unbiased advice
  • Continually updating knowledge and skills (i.e. new products, trends, construction methods etc)
  • Providing high quality clear drawings for contractors. The better the drawings and details are the more cost competitive the price & less ambiguity.
  • Yvonne has extensive experience in providing cost efficient well designed beautiful homes and unit development whatever the budget. Yvonne provides competitive rates and her design experience provides excellent value for money.